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Here is our humble presentation of  "BASANT" Power Press which are essence of Technically Ability and Skill of our engineers. We are manufacturing all kinds of Power Presses i.e. High Speed, Pillar Type, Two point, SPM Power Presses in Mechanical & Pneumatic Clutch.  The frames of our presses are rigged in construction and high quality materials are used for their manufacturing. Due to our excellent workmanship and finish of our presses, bears pleasant outlook. 

Basant Pillar Type Power Presses are available in Mechanical as well as Pneumatic clutch  up to 1000 tons for all type of Metal Forming.
Basant C-Type Power Presses are heavy duty steel Frame Power Press in Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Clutch forall type of Metal Pressing.
Basant Pneumatic Power Press availbale both in C-type and Pillar type is very famous for its High speed performance for all type of metal forming.
Basant Two Point Power Press is very famous for its quality and durability available both in Pneumatic, Hydraulic, mechanical Clutches.